Profitable Ideas: Handle Hard Well, A Bad Bet, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Handle hard well (Collaborative Fund). A great message for parents to convey to their kids, for investors trying to learn from this bear market, for all.

Open enrollment: employees have big changes to consider—here’s what to know. (CBS Money Watch). What you need to know in order to best utilize your company’s benefits.

What we’ve lost playing the lottery (New Yorker). Legalized gambling is a bad bet, with far more lost than won. See also, What would a nation of sports gamblers look like? (New Yorker).

That new watch really makes you less likable (Klement on Investing). Be careful about how you use social media.

Tempted to take it easy on Fridays? Use them to set yourself up for success instead (Ted). For many of us, Fridays tend to be less productive than other days. Here’s how to put the last day of the work week to better use.

Americans now say they will need $1.25 million to retire comfortably, survey finds (CNBC). What’s your number? And have you taken into account how many of today’s expenses you’ll no longer have in your later years? See also, How your spending may save your retirement (Sound Mind Investing).

The two keys you need to declutter kids’ stuff (Becoming Minimalist). Decluttering with kids? It can be done!

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