Profitable Ideas: The Golden Rule of Personal Finance, Getting Into College Without Applying, and More

The golden rule of personal finance (Best Interest). So boring, so basic—and also so rare and so effective.

What actually happens to your donated clothes? (Bloomberg – video). Probably not what you assume.

This school took away smartphones. The kids don’t mind. (Wall Street Journal). Amazingly, they all survived, and many became happier.

A man who flaunted private jets and luxury cars on Instagram gets 11 years in prison for money laundering (CNN). Be careful who you follow and believe on social media.

Ending your year with gratitude (Christian Stewardship Network). A wonderful post about a trait that is the antidote to the messages of our consumer culture and the key to contentment.

More colleges offering admission to students who never applied (Wall Street Journal). It sounds too good to be true, but for tens of thousands of young people, it is true.

Present bias: how it affects us and how to overcome it (Becoming Minimalist). We want it now, and that can cost us.

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