Profitable Ideas: Curbing Your Enthusiasm (to Spend), Raising Less Materialistic Kids, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Got the urge to splurge? 4 steps to overcome your overspending habit (Morningstar). Good tips, especially as we head into the Christmas gift-buying season.

Why problem gamblers are suddenly emerging from the fantasy football generation (The Grid). Gambling problems start early.

Distractions (Spilled Coffee). We live highly distracted lives, which impacts our effectiveness at work, and even worse, our relationships. Here are some good suggestions for living less distracted lives.

Be happier by paying now and consuming later (ESI Money). Our consumer culture wants us to get it now and pay for it later. Flipping the script is better.

10 ways to make your kids less materialistic during the holidays (Life Hacker, via Yahoo Finance). Small habits and practices can make a big difference.

4 reasons why you suddenly find yourself financially stressed (Art Rainer). Many times, it isn’t even the result of some big new problem.

Combatting the spirit of entitlement with gratitude (Eternal Perspective Ministries). It’s easy to see entitlement in others, but has it crept into our own lives? Cultivating a spirit of gratitude can work wonders.

6 winter plumbing problems that are sure to wreak havoc on your home—and wallet ( Steps to take now to avoid big headaches—and bills—later.

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