Profitable Ideas: The Super Trait, Getting Wealthy and Staying Wealthy Require Two Different Skillsets, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Gratitude: the key to being satisfied (This Evergreen Home). If there were such a thing as a super trait, this would be it.

9 money principles I’d tell my 17-year-old self (Darius Foroux). Not a bad list. What would you add?

Employers rethink need for college degrees in tight labor market (Wall Street Journal). Many have said college isn’t the only path. More and more employers are agreeing.

Getting wealthy vs. staying wealthy (Collaborative Fund). Some real life cautionary tales that demonstrate, “What got you here can’t get you there.”

Why we’re less generous when we’re tired (World Economic Forum). One more important way fatigue can get the best of us.

Gen Z and millennial investors want crypto and alts in their 401(k)s (Money).Be careful what you wish for. See also, Coming to a 401(k) plan near you: riskier, more complex investments (Sound Mind Investing).

4 things to remember when changing careers (Fast Company). Beware the self-limiting belief.

The fear of loss can cost investors big-time. Here’s how (CNBC). The first step toward not being undone by fear is to understand that we are hard-wired to feel the pain of loss to a much greater degree than the pleasure of an equal gain.

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