Profitable Ideas: Parenting Well Through Christmas, Future Tax Refund Shock, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Parenting well through Christmas and beyond (Eternal Perspectives Ministry). Setting our kids on the path toward enduring happiness.

Your wallet is being drained by subscriptions. Wall Street thanks you. (Wall Street Journal). Be careful what you sign up for. You may end up staying—and paying—longer than you intended.

Some thoughts about investing (A Wealth of Common Sense). Despite how it may feel, bear markets don’t last forever—and the bull that follows usually more than makes up for it.

You need a home maintenance binder (and what to put in it) (Life Hacker). Good ideas for taking care of your most expensive asset.

10 simple Christmas truths we need to remind ourselves every year (Becoming Minimalist). In the hustle-bustle of this season, it’s easy to forget the most important parts.

The $42 billion question: why aren’t Americans ditching big banks? (Wall Street Journal). If your savings aren’t earning more than 2%, you really should make a change.

Three ways to stop stressing so much about money (Relevant Magazine). What are we trying to maximize?

Americans could face a tax refund shock next year (CBS Money Watch). Some of the pandemic-related temporary tax breaks disappeared this year, which will lead to lower refunds for many.

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