Profitable Ideas: Spend Your Time Well, Use That Gift Card Now, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Are you spending your time on what is time-worthy? (Lifehack). As we get set to start a new year, this question is well worth spending a little time on.

A financial guide on what to do after college (Morningstar). Young people have an invaluable asset: time. Making some good financial decisions early in life can have a hugely beneficial multiplying effect.

Seven negotiation steps to save money on your next purchase (Better Humans). Being willing to ask for a better price is a personal finance super power.

Parents are giving phones to their kids at younger ages, and wireless companies are benefiting (MarketWatch). As long as your kids are under your roof, if they have a cell phone, tablet, or computer, they should also sign a contract between you and them governing the use of such technology.

Americans hold onto $21 billion in unused gift cards (CBS Money Watch). If you received a gift card for Christmas, the faster you use it, the less likely you are to lose it.

5 investment resolutions to make for 2023 (Kiplinger). Far better to make commitments in advance than to try to navigate a crazy market like we had in 2022 on the fly. See also, Investors, here’s why you need a plan (The Evidence-Based Investor)

10 tips to help save money on healthcare expenses (Financial Independence Hub). One of the least profound but most effective tips is to simply take better care of ourselves!

7 financial tips from the book of Proverbs (Foundation for Economic Education). Lots of timeless wisdom here.

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