Profitable Ideas: Puppets on a String No More, Know Your Dough, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Our desires are being manipulated (Becoming Minimalist). Some good ideas for taking back control.

Raising a red flag on colleges’ sports gambling play (Inside Higher Ed). “The risk of not only enabling but endorsing and encouraging gambling for [college students] is to target a vulnerable population already in debt and threatened with profound loss and addiction.”

The death of the smart shopper (The Atlantic). “Tech companies and global manufacturing have taken the weaknesses that have always existed in the idea of the informed consumer and exploited them to their logical extreme.”

Rule #1 of building wealth: play defense with your money (Darius Foroux). It isn’t being timid; it’s being smart.

Stewardship isn’t just about money (Relevant Magazine). Making something more of what you’ve been given.

11 most costly mistakes millennials are making that you can avoid (The Long Game). Probably not just millennials.

How much do you really know about your finances? (Money Ning). You can only manage what you measure.

Five ways to get better with money in 2023 (The Evidence-Based Investor). No one ever gets the money thing completely right. We’re always growing, always learning. At least one of these ideas is likely to help you keep getting better with money.

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