Profitable Ideas: Logging Off, Making Your Last Smart Money Move Now, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

How to log off (MIT Technology Review). To a great degree, social media is a distraction and discouragement—for us and our kids. See also, How to stop mindless scrolling (Business Insider).

Too many employees cash out their 401(k)s when leaving a job (Harvard Business Review). This is how NOT to prepare for retirement!

More weddings, baby showers and birthdays are going gift-free (Wall Street Journal). It was always a nice sentiment. Now it’s helpful in very tangible ways for more people than we probably realize.   

What about lending money, charging interest, and cosigning a loan? (Randy Alcorn via FaithFi). These feel like purely practical dollars and cents decisions, but don’t make them without knowing what the Bible says.

Volunteer with your children (Institute for Family Studies). A great way to guard against entitlement.

It’s time to figure out your enough number (The Finoneers). How much is enough? It’s a simple question, very challenging to answer, and worth the time to try.

Should I prepay for my funeral? (Clark Howard). Probably so. It’ll save your loved ones from having to make tough, over-priced decisions.

Ex-Google vp on the “one skill” she looked for at job interviews above all others (Foundation for Economic Education). This powerful “soft skill” is hard to find.

7 minimalist mistakes you’re (probably) making (Becoming Minimalist). In your quest to simplify, you may be making things unnecessarily difficult.                                                                            

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