Profitable Ideas: Determining Whether Your Money is Safe, Bend it Like Buffett, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

How to tell whether your money is safe in the bank (Lifehacker). I especially like the idea of setting up a news alert to track any articles about your bank. For example, see also, 20 banks that are sitting on huge potential securities losses — as was SVB (MarketWatch).

Charted: the auto loan crisis of America (World Economic Forum). If you have an auto loan, I strongly encourage you to make this the last car you finance. See also, Breaking the cycle of financing vehicles

Bend the market like Buffett: stop checking your stock portfolio — especially on your phone — and you’ll make more money. (MarketWatch). Information about the markets—and everything else—is readily available, often to our detriment.

Your NCAA tournament bracket is a business school in disguise (Wall Street Journal). This one might not have anything to do with personal finance (or it might!), but there are some interesting insights here.

The happiness paradox (A Wealth of Common Sense). Our pursuit of money is often tied up with our pursuit of happiness, so it would be good to know what really does cause happiness.

The legacy we leave: why every decision matters (Becoming Minimalist). Eight ideas for living with intention.     

7 lessons on my journey from maximalist to minimalist (No Sidebar). Some good steps toward less.    

Why I’m not writing about kids and screen time anymore (Wall Street Journal). Five recommendations from someone who has covered this issue for a long time has.                                                                 

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