Profitable Ideas: Science Says Less is More, Stop the Gravy Train, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Ten scientific studies that will encourage you to own less (Becoming Minimalist). For those who need proof that less is more.

Your young adult children ‘may not want the gravy train to stop,’ but don’t let them ruin your retirement  (MarketWatch). It may be time to close the bank of mom and dad.

What is personal cyber insurance—and should you buy it? (Wall Street Journal). I’m a little skeptical about this one, but what do you think?

Stop wasting money: 5 ways you’re letting your money slip away (The Everyday Advisor). Little leaks can sink a ship.

Sinking funds: thinking backwards to plan ahead (MoneyNing). I’ve always thought of this as a periodic bills and expenses fund, but it was interesting to find out where the term “sinking fund” comes from.

What makes you happy (Collaborative Fund). Happiness is far too much a comparison game. I just listened to a great message by John Piper that points us down a much better path. (H/T to my 19-year-old son for sending me the Piper link!)

How free phone charging stations could present risks (Kiplinger). One more way that free can be costly.

A (God-centered) path from anxiety to peace (The Gospel Coalition). Money is common source of anxiety. Here’s some good counsel, whether you’re worried about money or something else.

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