Profitable Ideas: The Heart of Generosity, Raising Savers,  and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Giving from the heart really matters (Eternal Perspective Ministries). I love this article. There’s something very inspiring about young kids who develop hearts of compassion and put that compassion into action.

Three ways to teach your kids to save money (Kiplinger). Some good examples of the gatekeeper and teacher roles that are so important for parents to embrace when teaching their kids about money.

10 benefits of living in a smaller home ( No Sidebar). The culture tells us bigger is better, but there are big benefits to going small.

Some things I think (Collaborative Fund). Morgan Housel always delivers helpful insights.

Gratitude changes our desires (Christianity Today). Regularly and authentically giving thanks is a game-changer.

How to use money to make you happier (The Long Game). Three questions that have become classics for learning how to align our use money with what matters most.

10 smart ways to teach kids about money through the years (CNBC). Helpful age-specific guidance.

The heartwarming story behind Carol Burnett’s favorite Bible verse (Daily Citizen). How the kindness of strangers can change a life. Great stuff.

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