Profitable Ideas: Bank Safety, Financial Decisions You’ll Regret, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

About half in U.S. worry about their money’s safety in banks. (Gallup). The banking crisis is weighing on a lot of people’s minds. See also, Is Your Money Safe? (Sound Mind Investing).  

You’re about to pay $300,000 for college. What’s another $3,000 in campus swag? (Wall Street Journal). Our consumer culture knows no bounds.

Why the power of brands is getting more tribal (Fast Company). I always find it fascinating to get inside the mind of a marketer. “Cultures of consumption,” “tribal marks,” and how to “activate a tribe of people who see the world they way [brands] do.” Oh my.

Biblical wisdom on saving (Good Sense Movement). Saving money is about so much more than saving money.

The confusing fallout of dying without a will (Wall Street Journal). You can save your heirs a lot of time, money, and heartache by getting this paperwork in order.

10 financial decisions you’ll regret 10 years from now (Becoming Minimalist). Some pretty safe bets of what not to do now.

The 7 types of people you need in your life to be resilient (Ted). Resiliency is important in our careers, our investing, and so much more. But we can’t build it on our own.

Money can’t buy happiness… or can it? (Of Dollars and Data). Well, which is it? It’s complicated.

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