Profitable Ideas: The Urge to Merge, When a 4.5% CD Trumps a 5% CD, and More

Weekly roundup of recommended personal finance articles from around the web.

Married couples who merge finances may be happier, stay together longer (Science Daily). The research is in: “Married couples who have joint bank accounts not only have better relationships, but they fight less over money and feel better about how household finances are handled.”

The power of a good neighborhood (Wall Street Journal). The influence of our surroundings is huge.

3 things Clark says you should do with CDs in 2023 (Clark Howard). Why a 4.5% rate may be better than a 5% rate.

Gone in seconds: rising text message scams are draining US bank accounts (The Guardian). If you don’t know who sent you that text, it’s probably best to delete it.

Time the avenger (A Teachable Moment). Frugality can go too far.

Medical credit cards drive up the cost of care, says CFPB (Kiplinger). See that glossy brochure in your doctor’s office, the one offering an “easy” extended pay plan? Just say no.

Why I paid the neighbor kid $10 for a simple task, even though his parents said it wasn’t necessary (Foundation for Economic Education). In interesting lesson from the neighborhood economy.

It’s confirmed: the internet is one big shopping mall (Fast Company). “It’s hard to find a corner of the internet that isn’t trying to sell you stuff.”

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