Profitable Ideas: The Top Skill of the Future, Subtle Signs of ID Theft, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

The most important skill of the future is being ‘indistractable’ (Nir and Far). It’ll help in our careers and in every important relationship.

Seinfeld on when money became everything (A Wealth of Common Sense). A lot longer ago, Jesus identified money as His chief rival for our hearts. Still, it’s eye-opening to see how people’s values are changing.

How (and why) to talk money at your family dinner table (Kiplinger). Your kids are a lot more interested than you may assume.

Negotiate a higher salary by avoiding these 5 mistakes (MoneyNing). Not negotiating is the biggest mistake of all.

Visualizing the tax burden of every U.S. state (Visual Capitalist). When you combine income, property, and sales taxes, how does your state stack up?

8 subtle signs your identity has been stolen (Lifehacker). Some signs of ID theft are obvious. Here’s a helpful list of not-so-obvious ones to watch out for.

6 home expenses you have to budget for (beyond your mortgage) (Clark Howard). By far, the biggest mistake I see on people’s budgets is not allocating money (or not enough money) for home and vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Tell the college student in your life to look out for this scam (Kiplinger). If you have a child heading to college in the fall, be sure to let them know about this.

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