Profitable Ideas: Money Touches Everything, The Science of Vacationing Well, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Money pervades everything (The Guardian). “Arguments about money are rarely about money.”

The dos and don’ts of lending money (NPR). When friends or family ask for financial help, beware the many landmines. 

Stocks up, gold down in Americans’ best investment ratings (Gallup). Stocks are gaining favor, but more people still see real estate as the best investment. See also, Is Your Home an Investment? 

Why it pays to be a double major in college (Wall Street Journal). “Just as a diversified financial portfolio can help investors withstand shocks in the financial market, ‘that seems to be the case with human capital as well.’”

Exploring the wisdom of the Tightwad Gazette (Due). Lots of good tips here.

Even a fender bender can now cost thousands of dollars to repair (MarketWatch). With so much tech in today’s cars, fixing even seemingly minor damage can generate quite a bill.

How to have a great vacation: What science tells us (Wall Street Journal). Just in time for your summer trip planning.

The levers that money can’t pull (More to That). A long read, but filled with helpful insights about the role that money can play in living a fulfilling life.

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