Profitable Ideas: Keep Your Number to Yourself, Less Stuff Rules, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

When companies ask for your Social Security number, try saying no (Wall Street Journal). Organizations are free to ask, but you’re free to say no.

The global loss of the u-shaped curve of happiness (After Babel). Lengthy article, but on an important topic. While it doesn’t offer an explanation for why so many of today’s young people are so unhappy, other research suggests that social media is at least partly to blame.

16 frugal habits to save big bucks—when you’ve already tried everything else (Wealthy Nickel). There’s bound to be an idea here that you can put to use.

How to stay motivated at work when you’re not receiving the recognition you deserve (Fast Company). Depending on your boss, you may have to find your own reasons to celebrate a job well done. See also, Finding meaning in our work

Raising money-savvy kids (Creative Planning). Two financial advisors draw from the experiences of raising their own kids. 

10 helpful rules to own less stuff (Becoming Minimalist). You’ve had the spring yard sale. Here’s how to keep the space you just freed up.

I didn’t think I needed an estate plan until this happened (Kiplinger). Are your documents in order?

Is it wrong to want more money? (Relevant Magazine). Looking at the cultural quest for more through a filter of faith.

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