Profitable Ideas: The Financial Habits You Inherited, Stealing Graceland, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

The money habits I learned from my parents—for better or worse (Wall Street Journal). “You may want to invest and spend wisely, but these unconscious, ingrained tendencies can create financial problems down the road.”

How to visit colleges (The College Financial Lady). If you’re checking out some schools this summer, do so with a plan. Be sure to click on the “Big Six” link in this article.

How to find focus in a world full of distractions (Becoming Minimalist). I especially like the eighth suggestion, which deals with the number one distraction most of us face.

When life forces your hand (A Wealth of Common Sense). On the importance of not taking the future for granted.

How to be enough (Vox). One of our consumer culture’s primary messages is, “You are not enough.” Gratitude is a very effective antidote.

Why I skipped college to be an HVAC tech (Wall Street Journal). College isn’t for everyone.

Scammers tried to steal Graceland. Here’s how to make sure they don’t get your home (CNN). You can’t make this stuff up! But there are ways you can protect yourself.

Your family will love you even more if you simplify your estate (MarketWatch). If ever filling out paperwork was an act of love, this is it: Make sure you have a will or trust, as well as related documents. See also, It may be time to review your estate-planning documents

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