Profitable Ideas: Pursuing “Enoughness,”  TikTok’s 15/3 Rule, and More

Weekly list of curated personal finance articles from around the web.

Why success doesn’t lead to satisfaction (Harvard Business Review). Are you operating with faulty measures of “enoughness”?

The invisible costs of homeownership (The Joint Account). The cost of a home goes well beyond the purchase price.

Parents, please turn off your phones (Institute for Family Studies). As Delaney Ruskin says in her wonderful documentary, Screenagers, “I saw this often: adults setting limits for their kids, but not wanting limits for themselves.” See also, Teaching your kids about money (Christian Stewardship Network). Part 2 of my conversation with Leo Sabo about how to raise our kids with biblical perspectives and practices around money.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on vacation to make great memories (Becoming Minimalist). Time together and new experiences matter far more than how much we spend.

11 money habits financial experts wish more people would cultivate (Kiplinger). If you had to choose just one, what financial habit would you recommend?

We’re spending billions on this work-from-home indulgence (Wall Street Journal). Apparently, a lot of people are shopping their way through the workday.

12 years of minimalism: what it looks like for our family now (Tico and Tina). A good encouragement for all of us — linking our use of money with our most closely-held values.

Can TikTok’s 15/3 rule really improve your credit? (Due). Paying your bills on time is the important thing. Rules like this add needless complexity.

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