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Getting Started With Investing
For help determining how much you may need for your retirement, figuring out your optimal asset allocation, adopting the best process for choosing investments, and choosing among your IRA and 401(K) options, read The Essentials of Investing. For college funding, read How to Help Your Kids Pay for College.

How to Save for College

The go-to source for information about saving for college has been the aptly named web site. But Morningstar is giving that site a run for its money with a new analysis of the best and worst 529 plans, along with a comprehensive set of articles about the pros and cons of such plans and […]

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Your Number

Financial services company ING is heavily promoting a new interactive web site designed to help you figure out “your number” – that is, how much money you’ll need to have saved by the time you retire. I took it for a test ride, and while it gets high marks for user friendliness, it doesn’t help […]

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Savings Momentum

A hot topic among “consumer behavior” researchers is “shopping momentum.” The idea is that once a shopper makes a purchase they cross an important threshold making it much more likely that they’ll make other purchases on the same trip. While marketers work at spurring faster first purchases, I wonder if the same concept might apply […]

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