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Crossing out recession and writing recovery.

Recession Lessons: What Have You Learned?

Economists say the recession ended in June of 2009.  But that doesn’t seem to be the word on the street.  Many people I meet in workshops and through this blog are clearly still feeling the effects of the recession. A Shared Experience Some are still out of work. Some who are employed are fearful about […]

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Hula Hoop

I Want The Red One

On a nice summer evening after dinner recently, our two-year-old was in our backyard working a blue Hula-Hoop with a level of skill far beyond her years.  Her face was the very definition of joy. But then it all took a very sudden turn for the worse. Her five-year-old brother had gone into the garage […]

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Find a Job

Two Essential Steps For Finding a New Job

Are you out of work or looking for a better job?  Executive transition coach Gordon Curtis recommends that you concentrate and connect.  Curtis, author of the book Well Connected, says it’s easy to believe that sending out lots of résumés will improve your odds of success, but that’s a mistake. Aim For The Job And […]

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Pat Flynn

Making Money Online – Pat Flynn Interview

At a time when “job security” has become an oxymoron, wouldn’t it be nice to generate some income apart from your 9-to-5 job, especially if it didn’t take a ton of time?  And what if that other source of income could be done from home, didn’t require you to hit up your friends and neighbors […]

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The Art of Simple Living

Not long ago, a friend went through his closet and gave away literally half of his clothes. Rather than missing the items, he said life felt less complicated. Instead of feeling deprived, he felt freed up. Jane Hammerslough, author of Dematerializing: Taming the Power of Possessions, describes how a roof repair gone wrong forced her […]

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money and graduation cap 1

Money Lessons for New Grads

Congrats to the graduating college class of 2011. Since most of the money management lessons I’ve learned since college have come about by making mistakes, here’s my attempt at sparing you the pain. Find a Mentor. Once you find a job, notice who’s doing what you’d like to be doing in five or ten years.  […]

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Electronics recycling

The Right Way to Recycle

We live in a disposable goods world.  There are disposable razors, disposable cell phones, disposable diapers, and more.  “Disposable” sounds so convenient, so harmless.  However, as we all know, disposable usually means “headed for the landfill.”  With Earth Day coming up (April 22), this seems like an appropriate time to conider how to properly dispose […]

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Love Letter

A Love Letter Like No Other

With the hype that surrounds each holiday, it’s easy to get jaded and miss all that’s good about the occasion.  This year, what helped me focus on the best parts of Valentine’s Day was rereading one of the most powerful love letters I’ve ever come across.  Union Army Major Sullivan Ballou wrote the letter to […]

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When Financial Protection May Cause Harm

I had to reread the first couple of paragraphs of the story to make sure I had read them correctly.  Sure enough, the Wall Street Journal article said that a surprisingly high 75 percent of people have opted in for overdraft protection coverage from their bank or credit union. In effect, such people have chosen […]

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