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Scarier than Public Speaking

You’ve probably heard that most people fear speaking in public even more than death. Well, _Money_ magazine reports that paying for college is what parents of school age children fear the most. To help alleviate that fear, the article recommends one relatively painless action step. Open accounts with Upromise ( and/or Littlegrad ( Both put […]

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Baby TV

Coming soon to a cable provider near you: the first 24-hour TV channel for babies. That’s right – babies. On 5/11, _CBS News_ reported that _BabyFirstTV_, a commercial-free network aimed at children 6 months to 3 years old, soon will be available for $9.99 per month. Offering everything from sign language training to games, one […]

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Just Starting Out, But Already Behind

A 5/14 _ABC News_ story reported that students now graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree are beginning their careers with an average of over $17,000 of debt. And that’s forcing some – especially liberal arts majors – to forgo the idealism of their intended career in favor of better-paying jobs. Two other news organizations […]

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