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Profitable Ideas: The Master Life Skill, Inside the Credit Card Industry, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web. True long-term career success depends on this most underrated aspect of talent (Fast Company). The ability to wait for a greater reward is considered the master life skill, impacting our careers, our investing success, and so much more. I worked at […]

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Profitable Ideas: Overcoming Our Obsession With Stuff, The Tax Papers You Need to Keep, and More

A weekly roundup of helpful personal finance articles. 7 life-changing perspectives to overcome your family’s obsession with stuff (Becoming Minimalist). Simplifying doesn’t start with cleaning out your closets. It starts with rethinking your assumptions. Now & then (A Wealth of Common Sense). Some good thoughts on striking a balance between saving and spending. Ways to be a […]

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Requiring Kids To Earn Their Allowance

When it comes to allowances, there are those who say you should just give kids some money since they’re part of the family. Others say they should earn it. Dave Briggs is in the earn it camp. “I do not believe just giving kids money prepares them for the real world,” he explained. “When you […]

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