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The Three Expenses You Have to Get Right

Financially, I’m all about sweating the small stuff. Even though I don’t like the word “frugal,”  if you followed me around for a week you might describe me that way. I bring my lunch to work almost every day, reuse plastic bags, and almost always order water in restaurants. However, I’m also all about sweating […]

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Breaking the Cycle of Financing Vehicles

Our home may be our castle, but for many people, their car is an extension of themselves. According to a study cited by Juliet Schor in her book, The Overspent American, nearly half of all car owners see their car as a reflection of who they are. The belief that we are what we drive, […]

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Profitable Ideas: Cars That Last, Why It Matters Who Made Your Clothes, and More

A weekly roundup of helpful personal finance articles. Should you buy Bitcoin? Ask a different question first (Sketch Guy – a NY Times blog). Are you winging it with your investments or do you have a plan? Here’s to doing what matters — a manifesto (Coach Carson). An interesting way to find motivation by visualizing the […]

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Profitable Ideas: Putting Your Money Where Your Values Are, Minimizing Losses During The Next Bear Market, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently. What do you value? (Live Wealthy Now). Aligning your use of money with what’s most important to you is the most satisfying way to use money. Income alpha (A Wealth of Common Sense). Making your most valuable asset […]

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The Real Cost of Cars

Okay, so you’ve made all the right moves in planning your next car purchase. You’ve kept your current car at least 10 years—preferably 15. You’ve come up with two or three viable options of cars that don’t just look good, they also get good gas mileage and have good safety ratings. You’ve done some comparison-shopping […]

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Living Without a Car Payment Gets a Good Rap

Several years ago when online budgeting tools, such as Mint.com, were introduced, I looked on with a sense of happy shock as budgeting suddenly became something very close to cool. Prior to that, the mere mention of the word “budget” was a conversation killer. With their user-friendly interfaces and access-anywhere apps, online budget tools quickly […]

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