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Keeping a Steady Hand on the Wheel Under Changing Financial Conditions

The way we buy cars offers a great example of what I call “binge/purge” money management. For the auto industry, 2018 was a solid year. Some 17.3 million vehicles were sold, with SUVs and trucks leading the way. Auto industry writers, such as Jason Unrau, attributed the strong sales, in large part, to low gas […]

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Navigating The Mixed Messages Of Our Consumer Culture

If you’re really paying attention, life can be a very odd experience. Especially when it comes to money. For example, in troubled economic times, front-page newspaper stories regularly quote economists expressing concern that the personal savings rate is going up. I still vividly remember reading one such story during a recession. I had to blink […]

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Market Roller Coaster

Market Mayhem – What To Do

If you have money in the stock market, you probably feel like you’ve been riding the wildest, scariest of roller coasters. Down 512 points.  Down another 635.  Up 430.  Down 520.  Up 423.  Up 126.  Where will it go next?  When will this crazy ride end? When things seem out of control, I look for […]

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