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Profitable Ideas: When Enough is Enough, Products That Last a Lifetime, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web. The enough curve: Consider the ongoing costs of your purchases (My Money Blog). When buying more only brings more problems.  It’s okay to be happy with a quiet life (Becoming Minimalist). Tagging off the last article… And when buying less brings […]

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Profitable Ideas: The Happiest Ways to Use Money, Facebook May Be Hurting Your Finances, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently. Nine simple strategies for a happier life (Jonathan Clements). A veteran financial writer culls the research on the happiest uses of money. A surprisingly painless way to save more for retirement (Time). Factoring in the tax savings can […]

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Green Round Up

In honor of Earth Day, here are a few articles I found useful.  This one includes links to sites that will help you turn your old unused electronics into cash. This one has some good ideas for cutting back on electricity use.  And for some less predictable ideas, here’s how to have an eco-friendly wedding […]

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Should You Pay Kids to Go Green?

A new web site, Green Allowance, encourages parents to use allowances to motivate their kids to develop environmentally friendly habits. The site fosters a deal between parents and their kids: the kids take on various energy saving projects, the parents split some of the estimated savings with their kids. Green Allowance sends report cards, showing […]

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

Paper or plastic? At first, it was polite of grocery store cashiers to ask which sort of bag we’d prefer. But today, the question often sounds like, “Environmentalist or Polluter?” Everyone knows that paper is the best choice for protecting the planet. Or is it? A recent Wall Street Journal article noted, “There is growing […]

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Another Solution for Old Electronics

I’ve written in the past about how to dispose of old cell phones, TVs, and other electronics. A recent post on ChristianPF.com highlighted a program I hadn’t heard of before called Flipswap, which enables you to exchange an old cell phone or iPod for an Amazon.com gift card. Devices received by the company are either […]

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Where Old TVs Go To Die

It’s spring-cleaning time, and with television stations switching to digital signals many people are getting rid of old analog TV sets. However, a Chicago Tribune article noted that it’s not so easy. Many thrift stores are no longer accepting analog sets or other older electronics, so there’s concern that a lot of electronic gear will […]

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Money Down the Tube

The average U.S. household now has three televisions, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. That’s one reason why electronic devices today consume 15 percent of the average home’s electricity–up from 5 percent in 1980. A Chicago Tribune article highlighted several ways to tame those energy monsters, starting with your choice of TV. The larger the […]

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What’s In Your Light Socket?

Okay, so you’ve joined the green movement by switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs. But did you know that all CFLs are not created equal? While they all last longer than traditional light bulbs and use less energy, it turns out that there’s quite a range in how long they last and in how much […]

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Recycling is the Rage

Recycling must be getting trendy because the number of places that accept various items for recycling seems to be growing. As reported on the blog Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, the office supply store Staples will accept old computers and TVs for $10 each. To properly dispose of used batteries or ink/toner cartridges, Staples and Best […]

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