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‘Much Obliged’

Writer Fulton Oursler had vivid memories of an old woman named Anna who helped care for him as a child. When she sat down to eat she would say, “Much obliged, dear Lord, for my vittles.” Oursler wondered why she thanked God since she would get the food regardless of whether she gave thanks or […]

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An Irrational Financial Act

Of all the things we can do with money, giving it away seems completely, utterly irrational, doesn’t it? After all, we work hard for what we earn. And after paying all the bills and putting a little aside for the future, there just isn’t anything left to give, right? Well, it turns out that generosity […]

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Is Fear Messing With Your Finances?

At the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious, we’re living in challenging times. The COVID-19 pandemic has upended life in ways no one could have anticipated, and it has brought fear into many corners of our lives financially and otherwise. It seems like an appropriate time for some reminders about fear. Time and time again […]

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Profitable Ideas: The Mystery of How Much You’ll Pay for College, 3 Common Retirement Plan Mistakes, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web. FAFSA says how much you can pay for college. It’s often wrong. (NY Times). The amount can be deceptively low. Anyone who buys things online is missing out… by ignoring free shopping portals (Business Insider). Another way to rack up points […]

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The Warmth of Winter

As another winter stretches on, I’ve been longing for spring. And isn’t that how it is whenever we go through a wintry financial season? We can’t wait for a better one to begin. In my mid 20’s, I inherited $60,000 from an uncle. I used the money to create my dream job, a newsletter for […]

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Profitable Ideas: How Money Really CAN Buy Happiness, Raising a Minimalist, and More.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web. Here’s how money really can buy you happiness (Time). After decades of searching for a connection between money and happiness, here’s what’s been learned. Buy it for life: Choosing quality over price (Get Rich Slowly). Spending a little more is often the […]

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Profitable Ideas: Raising Less Materialistic Kids, 75 Ways to Save Money, and More.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web. This daily activity will make your kids less materialistic (Moneyish). How to move from “the gimmes” to grateful. How to stay in the game (A Wealth of Common Sense). Words of wisdom for investors. Finding a new voice (Becoming Minimalist). This one may […]

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