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‘Make No Little Plans’

My family got to spend a couple of days in Chicago recently. We had brunch in Hyde Park, went to the Museum of Science and Industry, and took in a concert at the Old Town School of Folk Music. On one of our treks around town, we drove iconic Lake Shore Drive. Among the many […]

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What Will Be Said About You?

A few years ago, North Point Community Church Senior Pastor Andy Stanley taught a series of messages called, “How to Get What You Really Want.” (You can watch the series online and download the discussion questions. Or listen to them using your podcasts app.) Stanley said “What do I want?” turns out to be a […]

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Grandma Had Love

We spend much of our lives striving, pursuing. Good grades. A good school. Someone to spend our lives with. In all that busy striving and pursuing, time slips past. And when our time here is over, if we were blessed with a family or friends, someone may say a few words about all that. What […]

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Filling Out Dad’s Financial Report Card

For most of us, our number one source of financial instruction is our parents.  Some parents make the effort to actually teach their kids about money.  But all parents teach either good lessons or bad through their example. With Father’s Day occurring this weekend, I thought it would be interesting to consider: How did your […]

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