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An Identity Theft Like No Other

Identity theft has become a common crime, impacting millions people each year. As bad as the problem is, about a hundred years ago, an identity theft took place on a far grander scale. Everyone’s identity was stolen. Amazingly, this huge heist didn’t make headlines, and it didn’t prompt any calls for greater security. In fact, […]

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Bus Ad

This Ride to School Brought To You By…

As cash-hungry states look for new sources of revenue, several are now allowing advertisers to put paid messages on the sides of school buses. Currently, seven states allow advertising on school buses: Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.  Six others are considering the idea: Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Washington. […]

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Piggy Bank

Can’t Build Savings? I Say, You Can

The New York Times recently ran a series of six essays offering various explanations for the generally poor job we Americans do with savings. One blamed the disappearance of defined benefits plans, which, without any conscious effort on the part of workers, provided a steady income in retirement.  That same writer dismissed the efforts of […]

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Reshaped by the Recession

The Great Recession has impacted all of us.  For some, the impact has been painful (think job losses).  But the financial downturn also seems to be fostering widespread personal changes that, if they stick, have the potential to improve our lives. U.S. News & World recently summarized some of the key recession-induced changes that researchers […]

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Of Calories and Cash

There are a number of parallels between the worlds of nutrition and finance. On the negative side, people tend to describe a budget in the same terms they use to describe a diet – it’s something one goes on, as in, “Poor Brian, he’s on a budget.” However, as was pointed out in a New […]

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The Incredible Shrinking Package

Does it seem as though the packages lining grocery store aisles are getting smaller? They are. It’s a strategy some packaged goods manufacturers are using to pass along their higher costs. Instead of raising the price on a normal sized container, they are shrinking the container but charging what they used to charge for the […]

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The Psychology of Money

The science of shopping is a hot topic, with a number of journals helping marketers get inside the minds (and wallets) of their customers. A recent Chicago Tribune article summarized some of the recent research. “Shopping momentum” was the topic of a recent Journal of Marketing Research article. Researchers have found that the first purchase […]

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The Best Offense is a Good Defense

“Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist.” – Ephesians 6:14a In Brave New World, Aldus Huxley’s 1932 novel that envisions the extent to which consumerism could go, people are conditioned from birth to accept predetermined roles. Using “sleep teaching,” speakers underneath babies’ pillows repeatedly broadcast quiet suggestions designed to shape […]

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