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How NOT to Invest

I overheard a conversation about investing recently that made me a little crazy. I heard several perspectives that I completely disagreed with, ways of approaching investing that I think can be far more harmful to a person’s portfolio and peace of mind than helpful. Since I didn’t feel like I could insert myself into the […]

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Tough Money Conversations With Kids

If you’re going to help your kids learn about money, getting them started is one thing; keeping them going is another. Motivation can wane. That’s what seemed to be happening the other night with our 15-year-old when he opened up a conversation about investing. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like the wheels have come […]

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Do Target-Date Funds Miss the Mark?

In general, I believe there’s more to like about target-date funds than dislike. However, several recent articles have taken such funds to task. Let’s see if the criticisms are warranted. A little background Target-date funds greatly simply the process of choosing an appropriate mutual fund, getting the important asset allocation process mostly right and automating […]

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