Investing in Happiness

In our search for happiness we often assume money must play a role. And it does. Research shows that when people move from poverty to the middle class their happiness grows a lot. However, research also shows that as a person moves further up the economic ladder, happiness hardly grows at all. The _Wall Street Journal_ recently reviewed a series of studies about the relationship between money and happiness and concluded that the route to more joy usually travels through places other than more money, like spending time with friends and volunteering. Several studies looked at the happiness impact of how we manage what is typically our largest expense–housing–and concluded that it’s generally best if we don’t buy a house near folks who are wealthier than us or one that comes with a long commute.
h3(matt). Matt’s View
p(matt). This isn’t to suggest that we should apologize for our ambition. In fact, one of the proven sources of happiness is working toward challenging goals. Nor is it to suggest that we should dial down our desire for a “better life.” However, we would be wise to understand what truly brings about a better life, and direct our ambitions there.

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