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Trusted: Preparing Your Kids for a Lifetime of God-Honoring Money Management

“Few investments in your children can return greater lifetime and eternal rewards than teaching them to manage money God’s way. My friend Matt Bell has provided us with a helpful guide to accomplish just that.”

– Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries and host of My MoneyLife

“Helping young children get on a solid, God-glorifying financial path is a wonderful gift. It will help keep them from the financial challenges and pain so many adults experience. If you have children or grandchildren, Trusted is a great read. I heartily recommend it!”

– Howard Dayton, Founder of Compass – Finances God’s Way and author of Your Money Counts

“Matt Bell’s guide for teaching children how to manage money for a lifetime is a gem! Children crave their parents’ trust, especially regarding money. Let Matt’s experience and wisdom presented in Trusted take a big, scary topic and break it down into simple steps any family in any income bracket can follow. Building God-honoring trustworthiness in your children is an investment any parent can afford, one that is guaranteed to return huge dividends both now and for eternity.”

– Mary Hunt, Author of several personal finance books, including Raising Financially Confident Kids, and author of the Everyday Cheapskate syndicated column and blog

“In Trusted, Matt accomplishes the rare feat of faithfully teaching God’s Word on the subject of money and applying that wisdom to modern-day financial life in a compelling way. Chock-full of practical advice and real-life examples, Trusted leaves readers well equipped to prepare our children to be wise financial stewards and ensure that we, the parents, are doing likewise. Matt conveys godly wisdom on how to teach our children to use and steward their money in a way that conforms them to Christ and His Kingdom, for His glory. Awesome!”

– Greg Baumer, Chairman of Generous Giving and coauthor of God and Money and True Riches

– John Cortines, Director of Generosity at the Maclellan Foundation and coauthor of God and Money and True Riches

“Is there any aspect of our children’s lives that will not be impacted by how they view and use the Lord’s money and resources? How can we help them develop biblical convictions and practices? Matt, in his humble, relatable way, provides not just the whys but the hows, with stories and practical suggestions. For those of us endeavoring to impart biblical financial truth, wisdom, and purehearted motivation to our children, this book is an invaluable help. It has immediately become one of my most highly recommended resources for parents.”

– Mark Grissom, National Stewardship Director for Cru

Trusted is full of wise and biblical advice for parents to teach their kids about handling money. I found Matt’s writing practical and insightful. It’s also entirely relevant and useful for us adults. Read this book and apply it to your life and your parenting, and you and your kids will experience what the Bible describes as the life that is truly life.”

– Todd Harper, Cofounder of Generous Giving

“An inescapable reality of life is that we’re all being discipled by something or someone. The way we think, view the world, and make decisions is being shaped by some force outside ourselves. We can be discipled by Jesus, by our coworkers, by social media, or even by a news channel. This book gives its readers the always-timely reminder that our finances reflect to whom our faith and true allegiance belong. Trusted gives parents and children alike a picture of what healthy stewardship looks like as disciples of Jesus.”

– Kyle Idleman, Senior pastor of Southeast Christian Church and author of Not a Fan and One at a Time

“Teaching our kids to be faithful stewards of God’s resources needs to be one of our top priorities as parents. Matt has given us the tools we need to do just that. Trusted provides a wonderful biblical foundation with clear direction to build our kids up and prepare them for a lifetime of honoring God with the resources He entrusts them with.”

– James Lenhoff, National sales director for Good Sense, cofounder of Wealthquest, and author of Living a Rich Life

“Like all parents, my wife and I want the best for our kids, and we know that money will be a big deal in their faith journey, their relationships, their impact, and so much more. In Trusted, Matt provides clear guidance for fostering in your kids a healthy perspective about money and the early money-management habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. It’s all grounded in Scripture and brought to life with compelling real-life stories. If you put the ideas from Trusted into action, you’ll make an invaluable investment in the lives of your children.”

– Bob Lotich, CEPF®, Author of Simple Money, Rich Life and host of the SeedTime Money podcast

“A truly unique parenting book equipping moms and dads to not only model but also teach their kids the proven principles that lead to financial freedom. I love the combination of good financial counsel and parenting helps (and just enough Chicago stories to make me crave pizza).”

– Jonathan McKee, Author of over twenty-five books, including Parenting Generation Screen

“Filled with memorable real-life anecdotes and informed by careful biblical study, Trusted is a treasure trove of practical wisdom. I don’t know of a better guide to help parents train their children to be wise financial stewards. Matt Bell has done a great service for the church in writing this book.”

– Robert L. Plummer, PHD, Collin and Evelyn Aikman Professor of Biblical Studies at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Your children will learn about money from somewhere, and what they learn will significantly impact their lives. As parents, we should be concerned whether the teachings on money our children receive are financially wise and biblically sound. Matt Bell has put together an excellent resource to help parents lead their children in finances. Get it. Read it. And prepare your children to manage money in a manner that avoids common money mistakes and glorifies God.”

– Art Rainer, Author of The Money Challenge for Teens and The Secret Slide Money Club series

“I love the vision Matt has for this book—that cultivating within each of our kids biblical financial perspectives and practices will enrich their relationship with Jesus, strengthen their relationship with their future spouse, enable them to make the difference with their life they were designed to make, and so much more. Through solid biblical teaching, practical guidance, and real-life examples, Trusted will help you bring that vision to life in your kids.”

– Rob West, CEO of Kingdom Advisors and host of MoneyWise

“I’ve always enjoyed reading Matt’s material on finances, but this book may be his best and most important work. Everything changes for the good when our kids embrace God’s design for managing money. So devour this book. You and your kids will benefit from its biblical grounding and practical application.”

– Ashley Wooldridge, Senior pastor of Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona

“One of the most important things that we can teach our children about, besides their relationship with Jesus, is how to handle money in a God-honoring way. Our discipleship as parents in this area will impact our children their entire lives. Matt has laid out a game plan that will change
your legacy for generations to come. Read it, and more importantly, do it! Your kids will thank you one day. We guarantee it.”

– Dave and Ann Wilson, Hosts of FamilyLife Today® and authors of No Perfect Parents

Money & Marriage: A Complete Guide for Engaged and Newly Married Couples

Money & Marriage is as thorough and practical a book as you’ll find about preparing for the financial challenges and blessings of living life together as husband and wife. Written from a thoroughly biblical perspective, Money & Marriage addresses just about any marital money issue you can think of and many you probably haven’t (but should!)”

– Gary Thomas, Author, Sacred Marriage

Money & Marriage is highly practical, deeply hopeful, and firmly rooted in the timeless truths of God’s Word. I’ve been running premarital counseling programs in different churches for the past twenty-eight years, and Matt’s session on money management is the best I’ve ever seen. I recommend him and this book wholeheartedly.”

– William Meier, Family Pastor, Park Community Church, Chicago

“As a financial planner for more than twenty years and a speaker with FamilyLife marriage conferences, I have seen the catastrophic impact that financial struggles can have on a marriage. Matt Bell has done a masterful job of taking the complicated and intimidating topic of money and given couples a logical and easy plan for taking control of their finances and building a solid foundation for the future. This is a great tool for every couple.”

– Jerry Foster, Founder, The Foster Group financial advisory firm

“Different spending priorities and debt can be points of painful marital conflict—and marriage failure. Matt hits the mark with a practical book that should be read by every engaged or newly married couple. Money & Marriage is the resource for getting your marriage started in the right financial direction.”

– Jim and Sheri Mueller, Co-Founders, Growthtrac Ministries

Money. Purpose. Joy.

“Matt Bell is, I believe, one of today’s outstanding communicators. Money. Purpose. Joy. is a tremendous integration of faith and finances. This book will undoubtedly have a very long life; I recommend it enthusiastically.”

– Ron Blue, President, Kingdom Advisors

“Matt writes from the heart with passion, conviction, and credibility. His message is not about the obligation of biblical money management but about the adventure and joy.”

– Dick Towner, Executive Director, Good $ense Ministry Movement

“Matt Bell is a prodigal who understands the grace of God, the principles of God, and how to communicate them in a practical, fun, and relational way.”

– Steve Moore, Radio Co-Host, Compass – Finances God’s Way

“Matt provides a vision for using money in a way that brings freedom and joy, along with the practical steps for getting there.”

– Nancy Ortberg, CEO, Transforming the Bay With Christ

“Like two old friends, money and joy meet up again when you let Matt Bell free you to use money as an expression of the generous heart God has already given you.”

– Dr. Bruce McNicol, Co-Author, TrueFaced

Money Strategies for Tough Times

“Despite all the fear and uncertainty that characterizes our economy these days, one fact is certain: God is in control and has given us timeless wisdom to navigate these difficult financial times. Matt Bell has written a timely book with practical tools that will help us apply biblical wisdom to any financial difficulties.”

– Gunnar Johnson, Executive Pastor of Financial Stewardship Ministries, Gateway Church

“Matt Bell’s book is a must-read for everyone desiring greater economic stability and improved financial health, especially in a difficult economy. The sound, biblically based principles presented in Money Strategies for Tough Times may be the difference between thriving and merely surviving the current financial turmoil.”

– Dave Briggs, Stewardship Director, Central Christian Church, Phoenix, AZ

“Matt Bell’s book gives solid advice, proven answers, and great website resources to help anyone in a tough place financially to move to higher ground.”

– Brian Kluth, Author, 40-Day Spiritual Journey to a More Generous Life

“In the current downturn many are looking for realistic, practical solutions. If you are in a financial crunch or crisis, or just wanting to avoid either of these possibilities, Matt Bell’s new book, Money Strategies for Tough Times, is for you. It is filled with timely, current, and relevant help for the needs and realities of today.”

– Dave Travis, Managing Director, Leadership Network

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