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Success Goes to the Steady, Not the Speedy

We’re all drawn to stories of people who achieve “overnight success.” They make for great headlines and sell a lot of magazines and books. Problem is, they’re a myth. In the business classic, “Good to Great,” author Jim Collins explored the reasons why some companies break away from their pack of competitors and achieve remarkable, […]

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What If…

“Live for today.” “You only go around once.” You’ve heard these phrases; maybe you’ve even said them. They represent a popular philosophy – in essence, grab for all you can get right now since you don’t know what may happen tomorrow. Similar words are even found in the Bible. When the apostle Paul sought to […]

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Profitable Ideas: How to Tame Impulse Spending, Solomon’s Money Lessons for Today, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web. Men spend more on impulse buys than women. Here are 6 ways to break the habit (CNBC). Good ideas for resisting the urge to splurge. Good information alone won’t drive financial well-being (UCLA). When it comes to managing money well, logic […]

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Let It Go

I’ve spent way to much time in recent days feeling very wronged. And by a fellow Christian, no less. Somehow, a commitment made a few weeks ago, a couldn’t-have-been-any-clearer “yes,” turned into a “no.”  It was something I was extremely hopeful about, something that seemed like a miraculous gift from God. For it to have […]

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Keeping a Steady Hand on the Wheel Under Changing Financial Conditions

The way we buy cars offers a great example of what I call “binge/purge” money management. For the auto industry, 2018 was a solid year. Some 17.3 million vehicles were sold (the fourth straight year with more than 17 million vehicles sold), with SUVs and trucks leading the way. Auto industry writers, such as Jason […]

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Who Really Owns Your Stuff?

How would you describe your house? What type of car do you own? How much money do you have in your checking account? All of those questions seem normal enough. But wait. Is any of that really yours? My main mentor when it came to learning about and then teaching biblical principles of money, Dick […]

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