Trusted: Preparing Your Kids for a Lifetime of God-Honoring Money Management

When your kids develop a healthy relationship with money at an early age, it will help every aspect of their lives to flourish.

Kids have an invaluable asset. They have time. And the multiplying impact of wise money management lessons learned early will be staggering. Cultivating within them a heart for generosity and wise habits around earning, saving, investing, and spending will impact every aspect of their lives—their relationship with Jesus, their future marriage, their ability to make a difference with their lives, and so much more.

In Trusted, Matt Bell provides the stories, motivation, and guidance you need to help your kids develop powerfully effective biblical money management attitudes and behaviors. You’ll learn how to use three parenting roles within the natural rhythms of daily life to teach the practical applications of key financial lessons.

You’ll be inspired and equipped when you discover:

  • The incredible possibilities of your children’s financial potential;
  • How to help them overcome the many perils of our consumer culture;
  • Seven money management lessons your kids need to learn before they leave home; and
  • Two “graduate-level” lessons for a healthy lifelong relationship with money.

Drawing from his and his wife’s own experiences and those of other parents, Matt will equip you to teach your kids the purpose of money and how to pursue biblical financial priorities—everything they need to get on the right path for a lifetime of effective, joyful, God-glorifying money management. Includes plenty of examples, suggested conversation topics, and activities to do together with your children.

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