Participant Comments

“Absolutely outstanding—one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended on any subject (and I’ve been to a lot!)”

“Very informative, thought provoking, convicting, and challenging.  Matt speaks truth but with God’s loving touch.”

“Matt Bell is a very skilled teacher.  He breaks down complex concepts into manageable chunks and makes you believe you can do this.”

“Very motivating.  I’m excited about saving and budgeting.”

“Really appreciate the ‘sweet spirit’ I detected in Matt’s presentation.  Truly is using his talents to glorify the Master by helping others.”

“I tend to find money advisor types to be know-it-alls and overbearing, but Matt’s demeanor and tenor were full of humility. Thank you!”

“Fantastic! I thought this was a topic that I knew a lot about, but there was so much I learned.”

“Great practical ways I can transform my finances.”

“Excellent presentation.  Incredibly informative, realistic, and uplifting at the same time.”

“Absolutely awesome.  Great speaker.”

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