“Quite possibly the greatest failure of the modern church is to provide our culture with an alternative to how the world views money. If you want someone that is leading the charge to influence a culture back to biblical financial principles, Matt can help. With clarity, humor, and practical insights, Matt delivers a workshop that is geared towards changing people’s hearts and minds about money.”

– Ashley Woolridge, Executive Pastor, Christ’s Church of the Valley, Peoria, AZ

“Matt Bell brings the right blend of biblical principles, personal experience and practical application to his teaching on managing money.  People leave his seminar with hope and commitment to take positive action.”

– Zack Turner, Senior Pastor, Faith Church of Grayslake, Grayslake, IL

“Matt’s workshop was a huge benefit to my staff.  He did a great job covering everything from budgeting and planning for a mortgage to highlighting our 401(k) match so they clearly understood the unique benefits of both working at eshots and investing even a small amount now.”

– Craig Steensma, President, eShots

“Matt’s message is so important for all college students to hear. He challenges us to look past what today’s culture tells us is important and brings to light the truths necessary to handle our money in a Godly way. I would definitely recommend having him speak on your campus.”

– Joel Howells, Chapter President, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Northwestern University

“Matt Bell is a delight.  Warm, personable, funny, and incredibly knowledgeable.  He combines a solid Biblical foundation with strong financial wisdom, neither one overwhelming the other.  Matt can respond to individual concerns while still staying focused on the Big Picture. He moves the workshop along with a sure hand and a great smile. No matter how much you already know, you’ll take away several good ideas!  I recommend him highly.”

– Larry Buxton, Senior Pastor, Burke United Methodist Church, Burke, VA

“Thank you Matt for your ‘Money. Purpose. Joy’ workshop.  God has given you the gifts of discernment and wisdom about finances and you TRULY spoke to the hearts of our church members.  In just a few short hours, your work was able to begin to break the burden of money/debt for people of all walks of life, believers and non-believers, young and old, wealthy or incredibly in debt.  I can’t wait to have you back to speak again!”

– Christopher White, Church Administrator, MissioDei, Chicago

“I highly recommend Matt Bell to you and your congregation. His approach is thoroughly biblical and practical. Our people left the workshop with a deeper appreciation for what God has to say about money and its use. I’d have Matt teach again at Calvary in a heartbeat.”

– Bob Boerman, Pastor of Adult and Family Ministries, Calvary Memorial Church, Oak Park, IL

“Matt fully engaged his audience and spoke with both passion and sincerity.  It is obvious he has a heart that has been shaped by Jesus Christ, and he clearly gives evidence of a Christ-centered life.  The principles Matt taught were biblical, practical, and thought provoking.  I give my whole-hearted recommendation to Matt and his ministry.  We look forward to having him back soon.”

– Matthew Rogers, Senior Minister, Christian Church of Clarendon Hills, Clarendon Hills, IL

“Matt speaks from the heart with passion, conviction, and credibility. His message is not about the obligation of biblical money management, but about the adventure and joy.”

– Dick Towner, Executive Director, Good $ense Movement

“We recently had Matt Bell speak at our church. He brought an outstanding message on developing a life of generosity that really touched and blessed our congregation. He is a well-prepared, well-spoken communicator of God’s truth. His use of illustrations and visual media combined with the Word of God made for a very powerful message for our people. I would highly recommend Matt to your ministry.”

– Pat Callahan, Worship and Creative Arts Pastor, New Covenant Community Church, Fresno, CA

“What the Bible has to say about money is not often heard in British churches, so it was a real joy to have Matt Bell come over for a series of talks and workshops. In a society where many inside and outside the church are drowning in debt and financial wisdom is in short supply, Matt offers a much-needed biblical corrective that is full of hope and joy. I wholeheartedly endorse his work and look forward to his next visit to these shores!”

– Keith Wilson, Pastor, Ashford Congregational Church, Ashford, Middlesex, England

“Matt delivered the perfect balance of scriptural basis, practical tools, and humor for an excellent presentation. Our attenders not only raved about the session for weeks afterward, but they have put many of his tools into practice and are challenging one another through their small groups. I’d recommend Matt for any gathering dealing with stewardship and finances.”

– Julie Bullock, Stewardship and Generosity, Community Christian Church, Naperville, IL

“Matt Bell is warm and engaging, able to take a thorny subject—stewardship and money—and to winsomely speak the truth under-girded with hope. I was very pleased to have Matt share with us, and do gladly recommend him. He has planted seeds among us that I am convinced will germinate and eventually bear great fruit.”

– Stan Johnson, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Quincy, MA

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