Happy Returns

Did you receive a gift for Christmas that you don’t want? If you didn’t get a gift receipt and even if you don’t know where it was purchased, all is not lost. An article on _MSNBC_ offered up some suggestions for figuring out where the gift was purchased. They ranged from the dubious (feigning sincerity as you say to the giver, “This is so unique – where did you get it?”) to the nearly honest (acknowledging your “need” to exchange the item). Once you know where the item was purchased, check the store’s return policy online. One word of caution for “serial returners:” If you’ve made three returns within 45 days at the same store, you may be on the store’s blacklist and will not be allowed to make any more returns.
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p(matt). Other ideas include reselling unwanted gifts on eBay and, of course, re-gifting. An idea that doesn’t get much press is to give the item to an appropriate charity. A bonus tip is to be extra kind to the customer service person helping you with a return. Chances are good that they’ve put in extra hours over the holidays and have encountered more than their fair share of cranky customers.

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