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If you don’t have a will, a _U.S. News & World Report_ story suggested several relatively easy and inexpensive solutions. According to the article, do-it-yourself wills are best suited for people worth less than $2 million (the threshold for triggering estate taxes), and those with a fairly straightforward situation (no step children, no family business, no property owned in multiple states). If you have an uncomplicated financial life, the story suggested checking out websites like and . After completing an online questionnaire and spending $19.95, you’ll have a will. There are also downloadable computer programs like for $39.99, which the story said offers “greater legal information.” One other option is , which also starts with a questionnaire but then has a “specialist” review your answers for completeness. The price starts at $69.
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p(matt). If you don’t have a will–some surveys have found that up to 70 percent of U.S. adults don’t–make this one of your top resolutions for 2008, especially if you have children.

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