Experiences Trump Possessions

What makes you happier–new stuff or enjoyable experiences?  CNN reported on new research showing that for most people enjoyable experiences generate more lasting happiness than new stuff. Two key reasons are that experiences tend to involve other people and they’re better than material objects at generating feelings of vitality or “being alive.”

I couldn’t agree more. I regularly relive vacations I’ve taken with family or friends, and they continue to provide much satisfaction. What about you? What gives you the greatest happiness – experiences or stuff?

By the way, several of you wrote in response to my question about how the economy would impact your Valentine’s Day celebration this year, and it seems that love is recession-proof. Nicole said she would spend as much on her husband as she has in the past because “investing in our marriage is a priority for us.” John said he and his wife would be at the symphony on Valentine’s Day, but that’s only because their season tickets happened to include a Valentine’s Day performance. He said they try to celebrate their marriage every day–that setting aside just one special day for romance would shortchange their relationship. Their key to a happy marriage? Praying together every day, an invaluable activity that doesn’t cost a dime.

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