The Wisdom of Waiting

“Be still before the Lord and wait patiently before him.”
– Psalm 37:7

Have you ever seen an advertisement that included these words: “Think about it for a while before making a decision to buy this item”? Or, “Sleep on it and come back when you’re good and ready to make a wise decision.” Of course not. Instead, television infomercials breathlessly implore us to “Rush $29.95 before midnight tonight!” and automobile ads shout, “Buy now with no money down!”

Marketers are not promoters of patience. And yet, that is exactly what God’s Word teaches us to be about.

For many of us, the wisdom of waiting before making a purchase, especially a large purchase, can be confirmed with a simple trip down memory lane. Have you ever bought something you regret? How quickly did you make the decision? How much did you pray about it? How much wise counsel did you seek? Most of us can recall at least one such bad decision, and the culprit very likely was hurry.

Are you planning any major purchases? It’s wise to shop around. But it’s essential to seek God’s guidance through patient prayer.


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