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Wise money management is not just about knowledge and behavior. It it were, we’d all be brilliant money managers. After all, today, there’s no end to the amount of readily-, freely-available financial knowledge. But there’s also no end to the number of people who struggle to get the money thing right.

Before we have any hope of applying financial knowledge in a useful way, we need some context. We need to understand our financial identity. Our God-given purposes. Biblical financial priorities.

Money. Purpose. Joy. is a brand new seven-week study that fills in the missing pieces of the financial puzzle. Designed primarily for use by church small groups or as a video-based workshop, it teaches participants how to connect their use of money to their life purpose while providing practical, biblical guidance on everything from building savings to ditching debt, and from living generously to spending wisely. With video-based instruction, group discussion, and individual activities, participants discover how to use money in ways that are more productive, more satisfying, and more glorifying to God.

Preview the course by watching Session One below.

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For the 60-page discussion guide, you may either purchase from Amazon for $8.99 each plus shipping. Or, for orders of 10 or more, contact us directly  indicating how many you’d like to order. You’ll receive an electronic invoice, charging you just $8.00 per discussion guide with free shipping.

Praise for the book “Money. Purpose. Joy,”
on which this small group resource is based

“Not your ordinary personal finance book. Matt Bell goes beyond the numbers to engage the heart, guiding readers toward the most effective, joyful use of money.” – Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

“Matt Bell is, I believe, one of today’s outstanding communicators. Money, Purpose, Joy is a tremendous integration of faith and finances. I recommend it enthusiastically.” – Ron Blue, President, Kingdom Advisors

What past participants have said

“I loved how practical it was and that each principle tied to the Word.”

“Matt is a very skilled teacher. He breaks down complex concepts into manageable chunks and makes you believe you can do this.”

“Fantastic! I thought this was a topic I knew a lot about, but there was so much I learned.”

“It was super helpful. It enabled pointed, constructive conversations with my spouse about finances and our goals.”

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