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When Not to Reduce Spending

High gasoline and food prices have people tightening their belts in one place where frugality is not likely to pay off: their healthcare. MarketWatch reported on a survey by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, in which about one in five (22 percent) Americans said they have reduced their visits to the doctor in order […]

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Diet Is Not a Four-Letter Word

A new weight loss study shows the power of tracking what we do – a lesson applicable for anyone wanting to use money more effectively as well. The research, conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research and described in a U.S. News & World Report article, followed nearly 1,700 overweight people as they […]

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Paying More With Plastic

Do you pay your credit card balances in full every month? Have you been using credit cards for more of your purchases, like groceries, figuring you’re ahead of the game because of the rebates, miles, or other perks? According to researchers quoted in a Washington Post article, you’re overspending. Professors from MIT, Harvard, and Britain’s […]

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