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Teaching Kids About Money

Most kids have piggy banks – 85 percent of children ages 8-14, according to a new survey from T. Rowe Price. However, in many cases whatever money is going into those piggy banks is coming out just as quickly. More than 40 percent of parents who give their kids an allowance say it’s all gone […]

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A Teaching Moment

With financial issues dominating news headlines, this is an especially good time to teach kids about money. And they could use some help. An LA Times article noted that many of today’s youth are already exhibiting the over confidence and lack of knowledge that have gotten so many adults into trouble. For example, a Charles […]

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Living Well on $44k

How did you do on finding holiday gift deals this year? Can you beat this: 27 gifts for $90? As reported on TODAY, that’s just the latest in a long list of amazing money moves executed by Steve and Annette Economides, who have turned smart shopping into an extreme sport. The Arizona couple, along with […]

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Getting Kids In The Game

If there’s a child in your life that you would like to teach about money, a recent MarketWatch.com article offered up some good resources. It mentioned a downloadable computer program from Kidnexions. Priced at $29.95 and designed for kids ages 6 and up, the program helps kids keep track of their money, save toward a […]

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Mom’s Last Money Lesson

Anyone who has lost someone they love will tell you it’s the holidays that bring back their strongest memories of those people. So, with Mother’s Day fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about my mom who passed away in December of 2003. This year brought back a memory of a conversation we had about money just […]

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Raising Money-Smart Kids

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal had some good ideas for helping kids cultivate wise money management habits. Whenever your son or daughter tells you about something they desperately want, add it to a written wish list. A few days or weeks later go over the list to see what they’d still like […]

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