Kids Ask The Darndest Things About Money

Have your kids ever asked you a real stumper of a question about money?  Consider this one, culled from a great series of blog posts from Ron Lieber at The New York Times: “You tell me all the time that the reason we have nice things and can go to a nice school is that you work hard. Does that mean that people who don’t have nice things don’t work hard?”  Or consider this: your child sees someone asking for money and asks you why.  That one may not be so difficult, but what if you don’t give anything and then your child wants to know why you didn’t help the person.  Or how about this one: “Are we rich?”

How would you answer these questions?  If you have kids, it’ll be well worth your time to read Ron’s series along with people’s comments.  They’ll help you prepare for your kids’ tough money questions.

One Response to Kids Ask The Darndest Things About Money

  1. George Cisneros July 30, 2010 at 8:22 AM #

    Thank God He knew this would come to our lives, and that He has more verses about money and it’s stewardship than any other subject.
    Don’t have time to dig? Randy Alcorn’s “Money, possessions and eternity” is the purest read on what the Bible says about money.

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