Profitable Ideas: Keep Calm, Money-Saving Mental Tricks, and More

My hand-picked list of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles from the past week.

Keep calm and step forward ( No one likes it when the market falls, but making panicky, emotional investment decisions usually causes more harm than good.

8 most dangerous places to use your debit card (CBS Money Watch). Despite popular teaching to the contrary, using a credit card is generally safer than using a debit card.

When financial talk turns personal (Sketch Guy – a NY Times blog). The complicated experience of talking with friends about money.

Things I’m pretty sure about ( One of the best investment writers and some lessons he’s learned on the job.

The magical art of tidying your financial life (Forbes). Do the lessons of organizing your closet apply to your money?

5 mental tricks that will save you money (Time). Little steps with a big payoff.

5 ways to respond when someone rejects your idea (Fast Company). Helpful career coaching.

I don’t want to win the lottery (Christianity Today). The numbers have been drawn, the winners notified. But this is still a good read.


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