Profitable Ideas: Online Shopping Costs More Than You Think, Looking for Travel Bargains in All the Wrong Places, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the more interesting and helpful personal finance articles I’ve read recently.

How online shopping makes suckers of us all (The Atlantic). Online retailing is driven by very sophisticated science, and you are at the center of constant experiments.

Cash is king no more (NY Times). Philosophical musings on our increasingly cashless — financially abstract — society.

The early bird gets the return (Of Dollars and Data). When it comes to investing, it pays to start early.

Why bargain travel sites may no longer be bargains (Backchannel). We seem to have come full circle, with the best deals often found by contacting the hotel or airline directly.

The crisis of attention theft (Wired). Advertising messages have become as intrusive as ever, and constant exposure comes at a cost.

‘We can’t live on one income’ (Sound Mind Investing). Honest, authentic post about the challenges—and joys—of making this tough decision.

1 in 10 Americans now have more than $100,000 in debt (Moneyish). If you look around, it looks like most people are doing just fine. But the truth is far different. If you’re struggling with debt, you’ll find some free help here, or get some friends together and take this course.

The math of a mission trip (Pretend to be Poor). Some people say mission trips don’t make financial sense, but take a closer look.

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