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Profitable Ideas: Happy People Earn More, the Boring Path to Success, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web. Why happy people earn more money (Entrepreneur). You may think greater wealth leads to happiness, but maybe it’s the other way around. Exploring the growing trend of taking a gap year before college (Christianity Today). The benefits of waiting another year […]

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The Three Expenses You Have to Get Right

Financially, I’m all about sweating the small stuff. Even though I don’t like the word “frugal,”  if you followed me around for a week you might describe me that way. I bring my lunch to work almost every day, reuse plastic bags, and almost always order water in restaurants. However, I’m also all about sweating […]

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Profitable Ideas: The Science Behind Your Money Habits, A Money Mistake Many Couples Make, and More

Every week, I look through lots of personal finance articles. Here are some of the best. What science reveals about your money habits (Magnify Money). There’s more going on behind the scenes of your financial decisions than you realize. The easiest retirement choice (Of Dollars and Data). Boiling retirement savings down to one especially important decision. We […]

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The Warmth of Winter

As another winter stretches on, I’ve been longing for spring. And isn’t that how it is whenever we go through a wintry financial season? We can’t wait for a better one to begin. In my mid 20’s, I inherited $60,000 from an uncle. I used the money to create my dream job, a newsletter for […]

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Profitable Ideas: Buying Happiness, A Simple Career-Building Secret Weapon, and More

How to buy happiness (Laura Vanderkam). By now you probably know that experiences tend to create more happiness than things, but using money to free up time is also important. Building financial momentum when you’re struggling to make ends meet (The Simple Dollar). The importance of taking even little steps in the right direction. A […]

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Breaking the Cycle of Financing Vehicles

Our home may be our castle, but for many people, their car is an extension of themselves. According to a study cited by Juliet Schor in her book, The Overspent American, nearly half of all car owners see their car as a reflection of who they are. The belief that we are what we drive, […]

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