Profitable Ideas: Counting the Opportunity Cost, When Frugality Doesn’t Fly, and More

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles.

The unasked question (Humble Dollar). Learning to think through the filter of “opportunity cost” is a powerful way to make better financial decisions.

Your smartphone is giving away more personal info that you realize. Here’s how to lock it down. (USA TODAY). Given the recent news about Facebook, you also may want to read How to control what people can see about you on Facebook.

7 ways to make it easier for recruiters to skim your resume (Fast Company). For those in the market for a new job.

6 ways to lower the COST of college (White Coat Investor). Good, practical advice for college-bound students and their parents.

When frugality doesn’t fly (Pretend to be Poor). Trying to keep costs low can definitely go too far.

Still the most important piece of financial advice you’ll ever receive (Becoming Minimalist). It’s so simple, it’s easy to dismiss. But not following this advice is the source of much financial stress.

This mom is charging her 5-year-old ‘rent’ (Time). What do you think? Did she go to far in teaching her daughter about the real world of money management?

My rental property vs. Fundrise (Seedtime). If you’ve ever wanted to invest in rental real estate, now you can without having to screen tenants or answer 2:00 a.m. calls about broken pipes.

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