Profitable Ideas: Making Your Holidays More Meaningful, How Black Friday Can Help You Save All Year, and More.

A weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Save money this holiday (while creating a closer family) (Kiplinger). Good ideas for making your holidays more meaningful.

A long and cold November (Medium). For investors, it’s been a tough stretch. It can be jarring, especially since things have been so smooth for so long. Here’s some helpful perspective.

How student loan debt affects the rest of your life (MarketWatch). If you’re not careful, the cost of college can go way beyond tuition and room & board.

Packing an emotional punch: Biometric research proves purchase power of branded content (Ad Age). I enjoy taking a peak inside marketers’ playbooks every now and then so I can shore up my defensive game plan.

Seven ways Black Friday can save you money all year long (The Simple Dollar). What else will you need to buy over the next year? Now may be a good time to do that shopping as well.

Watch out for these 10 retirement killers (MarketWatch). No matter how far down the road retirement may be for you, learn from those who’ve gone before you.

The city of the future is a data collection machine (The Atlantic). A glimpse into our ever-more-connected future — the pros, cons, and what it may mean for our privacy.

7 ways to lower your cable bill (US News). When was the last time you reviewed how much you’re paying for various TV services and explored alternatives?

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