Profitable Ideas: How Long to Keep Tax Records, What to NEVER Buy at Costco, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web—a day early this week to keep your focus on more important matters on Good Friday.

How long should you keep tax records? (Kiplinger). In a sense, tax season is never really over.

A great gift (Humble Dollar). Are your documents in order?

How to make being a stay-at-home mom a reality (Money Ning). For some couples, this may not be possible. But for many others, it is. Here’s how.

How the world’s oldest people in Asia and Europe make their money last (Next Avenue). It’s all about “ikigai” and “moai,” but you knew that, right?

7 things you should NEVER buy at Costco, according to a shopping expert (Money). Don’t assume that buying in bulk always means spending less.

Make your needs your wants, and your needs few (No Sidebar). One family’s motivating experience with simplifying their lives.

Would you rather? (Pretend to be Poor). A child’s game with very grown up implications.

Warren Buffett wants young people to know: Ignoring this is like ‘leaving a car out in hailstorms’ (CNBC). This one isn’t directly about money, but it’ll help you enjoy the benefits of wise money management longer.

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