Profitable Ideas: Whether to Give Your Teen a Credit Card, Pricing Strategies That Make You Overspend, and More

Weekly roundup of some of the best personal finance articles from around the web.

Give your teenager a credit card? Some financial experts say yes (NY Times). Better for them to learn while they’re still under your roof than to figure it out when they’re on their own.

Don’t wait for a life-changing event to change jobs (Fast Company). Changing jobs can be difficult and disruptive, which is why many people put off even thinking about it—often to their detriment.  

5 simple steps to stop overspending today (Money Ning). Simple, effective ideas for taking more control of your spending.

Four way to cut college textbook costs (Reuters). It isn’t just college textbooks that have gotten super expensive. One of the required books for our high schooler was $50!

To successfully pass down your wealth, first share your intent (Kiplinger). Estate planning is about more than just having the proper paperwork in place.

The trick that makes you overspend (BBC). The pricing behind many companies’ products or services is highly scientific, highly psychological. 

Four essential documents that could save your financial life (CNBC). Do you have these documents in place?

Does your job title really matter? 6 career experts weigh in (Go Banking Rates). In short, yes. Here’s why.

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